Where Children and Horses Come Together In a Special way

Willow Ridge Equine Assisted Programs

Willow Ridge offers group therapeutic riding sessions. All of our programs are designed to meet the goals and needs of each student. Therapy sessions are 20-30 minutes long depending on the endurance level of each student. 

Willow Ridge also offers therapy sessions that include teaching the student how to groom and tack up their horse.

Educational courses such as our "Common Horse Sense" on ground safety course teaches the student how to conduct him or herself safely around a horse. This course is divided into four 30 minute sessions.

Sessions include:
  • Safety in approaching, leading and grooming your horse
  • Basic horse behavior and health management
  • Alternative exercise methods for horses
  • Proper tacking procedures

This course is great for the beginner student that has had little to no exposure to horses.

Willow Ridge also offers therapy sessions on our Equicizer "Willow"

The Equicizer is a fun alternative way to conduct therapeutic exercises for children with disabilities. Exercises beyond the typical horseback riding positions can be applied with stretching, strengthening, and balancing in a safe and controlled manner. Students will have the ability to increase flexibility, balance, and overall well-being with the Equicizer.